Healing ourselves and falling into our true nature


The VortexHealing sessions with Neem Kristina are the best thing that could happen to me. My life has changed for the better both inwardly and outwardly. Much healing took place and was accompanied by the bursting of inner and outer ‘prison walls.’ I am so enthusiastic about the possibilities of VortexHealing that I myself have attended courses in the meantime. Much heartfelt thanks to Neem Kristina and to Merlin.” Sy., Switzerland

After many years on my inner journey, VortexHealing touched the deepest core of my being right at the first session. There where up to that point a part had withdrawn in non-existence and refused to incarnate…. VortexHealing touched this spot of non-existence in me and along with it the primal ground of life, which seeks to finally unfold in all its beauty. In deepest gratitude.” Va., Dresden

It is divine grace that led me to Kristina and to VortexHealing. Kristina’s treatments are loving and infinitely helpful on my developmental journey. We have almost exclusively Skype sessions, distance healings which I feel have just as much effect as face-to-face encounters. My son, husband and I profit enormously from Kristina’s healings and thereby have a more harmonious life together. The sessions allow me to meet the challenges of life; solutions arise more quickly and spontaneously. I have already tried out many things and work as a coach and healer myself, so that I have experienced and learned much. But I had never before encountered so deep a method for healing and simultaneous awakening as VortexHealing. Receiving a treatment doesn’t always mean that the experience is pleasant. Sometimes feelings and emotions are uncomfortable during and for a while after the sessions. But my life unfolds more and more easily; issues are resolved, and deeper themes come to the surface. Like the skin of an onion, layer for layer, along with the underlying peace and freedom which we fundamentally are – all this is revealed more and more. Thanks to Kristina from the depths of my heart and thanks to Merlin!” Am., Munich

“It was literally a ‘wonderful coincidence’ that Kristina entered my life. From the very beginning, I valued her uncomplicated manner and openness, her heartfelt and down-to-earth quality, along with her deep knowledge and experience. For more than a year, I have had regular healing sessions with her, especially distance healings. In spite of the great physical separation, as a rule I sense on the physical level that the work has an impact on me. The deeper levels most often show themselves later and gently as altered feelings, reactions, letting go of old behavior patterns, greater inner calm. To some extent, my dreams also clearly show a deep transformation. I am very grateful that Kristina has entered my life with VortexHealing. I wish her an abundance of goodness for her wonderful work.” Ch., Karlsruhe

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“The encounter with Kristina and with VortexHealing has deeply enriched my life. The loving and familiar atmosphere during the treatments did me good …