Healing ourselves and falling into our true nature


Already at the tender age of 17, I began to meditate and to be interested in the meaning of life. After I had learned various directions of holistic natural healing and completed university studies in psychology, I was able to gradually transform uncomfortable life situations. Health-related blockades also disappeared successively. These self-healings gave me much maturity and empathetic capability.

One day I was looking for a room for my practice in the Netherlands, where I lived at that time. By “chance,” VortexHealing® entered my life during a conversation with the owner of the room. Back then, I initially felt resistance at learning a new method of healing – after I had already done so much. But on the next day, I had already registered – it simply happened. With each successive course, I understood and transformed the resistances. Only gradually would I come to realize that my innermost self had followed the summons to awaken. Resistance arises from the identification with a person, with the mind or with ego. Awakening is letting go of this identification.

I even traveled to the USA for courses in healing. At some point I was filled with a deep perception that we have nothing to lose, we must attain nothing, and there is nothing to find. In the meantime, having reached the highest healer-level (U-AP), I can only describe this transformation on the most profound level as pure grace. The source of this energy and this consciousness is Merlin – an avatar, a divine aspect of magical transformation – not to be confused with the historical Merlin, who was a human being.

Amma Mata Amritanandamayi gave me the name Neem. For me, it is an expression of the Absolute, the eternal ONE awareness that lives through the body Kristina. Neem means beauty. This refers to the true, inner, imperishable nature. According to Indian tradition, the Neem tree is a tree of healing that is dedicated to various symbolic gods. One of them is Kali. That is the one who brings to light the dark shadows of the ego and transforms them, so that the light of our true nature can shine through. And precisely that is my work; an enormous amount of light and love flows in my work. This love, however, can summon up many shadows in us. This liberation of our true nature includes both aspects, and I am happy to accompany you in this process.

Interview with Neem Kristina about Awakening and Ongoing Awareness in Daily Life

In this interview, Neem (Kristina Mayer) communicates in terms comprehensible to the human mind. Something that appears to be philosophy is anything but that. This video can also be seen on my YouTube channel.


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