Healing ourselves and falling into our true nature


In meeting Neem, there arises a healing space in which our body-mind-soul system is seen from various perspectives. This allows transformation to occur on a deeper and more unified level. It is self-evident that your personal wishes and desires have precedence. It may also be that you choose only a single possibility …

Conversation – The Human Being as a Seeker of Contact

… often simply looks for self-expression. In hectic everyday life, we sometimes don’t take the time to listen to each other. I gladly take time to really listen to you. That alone can already be extremely healing.

Physical Healing – The Human Being as a Body

… wants to be touched. Everything that we have ever experienced is stored in our cells as if on a hard drive. The pleasant experiences of course remain within our consciousness. But blocking, traumatic memories have the effect that most of the time, we can’t live in the present. We experience our world through the eyeglasses of the past. Holistic transformation must penetrate all the way to this cellular memory. My gentle, loving touch through cranio-sacral and fascial meditative presence in contact with your body and entire being relieves every cell of accumulated burdens. The practical wisdom and use of Lomi Lomi enhances the deep bodily release and assures a profound sense of well-being.

Systemic Constellation Work – The Human Being as Part of a System

… carries the burdens of our family system and of all our ancestors out of a sense of love. In a family constellation, we see interconnections from a bird’s-eye perspective. We can let go of what is not ours and find our own place in life. Beyond the family, we can of course investigate our job, our calling, our relationships, our anxiety about survival, our flow of money, our eyes (in the case of impaired vision), our organs, our chakras, and much more. Whatever is in light finds redemption, and the natural flow of life is restored. I combine my constellation work with energy work and singing / sound, which releases blockages much more quickly. My particular specialty is individual work in constellations.

Healing Through Primal Sound – The Human Being as Vibration

… is music. Sound comes closest to our divine nature as expression. What is so enchanting about sound is that in the very moment when it manifests itself, it also disappears. My specialty of singing and emanating sounds – entirely out of the here and now, always new – crystallized out of my inner falling into nothingness and has a deep impact that is healing and liberating. I experience great joy in seeing how participants thaw, open themselves and – even if supposedly unmusical, also with no knowledge of notation and music – become like children. With innocent delight they practice hearing the sound that is already there, allowing it to emerge. Laughing / crying, sound, silence and joy are born out of each other; they emerge successively, and the heart opens itself. You can passively enjoy primal sound healing by being played and sung to. I also sing for individual organs … or we make sounds together. Musical instruments (tuned to 432 Hertz) such as tampura or monochord and many others accompany us.

Vortex Healing® Divine Energy Healing – The Human Being as Divine Expression of Creation

… is even more complex than our limited senses can perceive.