Healing ourselves and falling into our true nature


Individual sessions

It is impossible to say in advance what outer form our being together will take. It responds to your needs in the here and now. This can be accompaniment on your inner path. It can relate to issues from your personal life such as profession / calling, partnership, bodily issues such as sexuality / infertility, stress, burnout, depression, fears, or questions about and accompaniment of the inner awakening to your true nature, along with much more …


What has emerged up tp now: stillness, meditation, healings, sound, words, questions, silence, laughter, dance, bodily integration ……

In being together with Neem, you come to remember your true nature more and more: infinite awareness, light, love and beauty. Participants often arrive with a head full of questions and leave with an integrated body consciousness of simple presence, comfortableness and inner peace. The questions disappear by themselves; problems vanish into thin air …


More and more people long to take a break. Daily stress is a burden for many persons. We are lucky if we notice it in time. But it is often the case that physical and / or emotional warning signals have arisen.