Healing ourselves and falling into our true nature


Simply being free. That sounds good. Indeed, from the perspective of our true nature it is simple.
But from the perspective of the ego, it often seems impossible to us.
It seems to run away from us. Because the ego wants to reach something and, if it seems to have reached something, it wants to hold on to it.
There is no such thing as being free as a possession of the ego.
The ego can never be free.
But – from the perspective of our true nature – we can be free.

Freedom arises in us only there where we are already free.
That occurs – quite simply – when we awaken from the identification with a body, from the identification with emotions, from the identification with thoughts.

Then we become inwardly aware that there is only ONE LIFE, which feels itself FREE within itself.
Then the SINGLE AWARENESS awakens to itself within you and knows that it was never separate.
The deepest grace that can occur within us is – to surrender.
Total acquiescence to what is – that is freedom, that is SPACE. Because it repeatedly gives rise to new possibilities.
Exactly where our – illusory – control ends is precisely where freedom begins!

The awakened space in me is delighted to accompany you on that unfolding.
Sessions in Berlin, Munich, London or also internationally – from infancy to old age – by Skype or telephone.

With heartfelt greetings,

Meeting Neem

… in the form of individual sessions, as a group (meetings) or on a retreat.

In being together with Neem, you come to remember your true nature more and more: infinite awareness, light, love and beauty. Participants often arrive with a head full of questions and leave with an integrated body consciousness of simple presence, comfortableness and inner peace. The questions disappear by themselves; problems vanish into thin air …

Individual Sessions

It is impossible to say in advance what outer form our being together will take. It responds to your needs in the here and now. This can be accompaniment on your inner path. It can relate to issues from your personal life such as profession / calling, partnership, bodily issues such as sexuality / infertility, stress, burnout, depression, fears, or questions about and accompaniment of the inner awakening to your true nature, along with much more … Individual sessions are particularly effective if you wish to finally become free of conditionings. If you ask yourself “How can I get out of these patterns?” – whether they are emotional, mental or physical. Each session helps you to awaken to your true nature.

Neem Kristina


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